Friday, April 07, 2006

The fish doesn't think...

Busy period for me lately - I changed my job among other stuff - so I didn't blog for a while. I just stopped by to tell you that it's official now, according to the latest findings we evloved from fish.

...the fish knows everything.


yixiel said...

By the way ... which fish? And what does that fish know? I like eating salmon... so, am I a cannibal? I mean, chickens don't eat at KFC, do they? I'm telling you: STAY AWAY FROM THE FISH... PEOPLE... don't touch the fish... it's our ancestors you know?

Gordon Knot said...

Actually most US commercial chicken farms do feed "protein supplements", that contain waste product from chicken processing. Same is true for cows. They are supplemented with the blood of slaughtered cows. see for more info

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