Saturday, January 16, 2010

The land of green plums

I finished reading "The land of green plums" ("Animalul inimii" in Romanian) by Herta Muller. It's a somber book where the meaning of the universe disintegrates under the weight of the secret police and the communist party. The humanity is squeezed out of people until they commit suicide or leave the country. But many of those who try to leave also die in fact cause borders were like a prison wall with barbed wire and heavy army surveillance. And this barbed wire survives even today between Romania and Moldova. After the fall from power of the communist party in Moldova last year they finally decided to take this barbed wire down on the border between the two countries. One more prison is falling down.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Teach me tonight

While in high school I used to go about once a month to some jazz lessons. I was not passionate about jazz, but some of my friends were, so we all were attending the concerts of Harry Tavitian and Corneliu Stroe. Harry was literally jumping on the piano keyboard at moments, he was just a little man, but so alive. It all came back when I went to the last concert of "Teach me tonight" series. This time Tavitian was joined by Ion Baciu jr. at piano and Cserey Csaba at percution. It was a fine concert, suited for Christmas with many adaptations of Christmas carols.

As a bonus, here is the original "Teach me tonight" song performed by Nat King Cole:

I didn't have time to blog about many events, but I attended other performances this fall, so I will just mention them for the record: "Princess Turandot" from National Theater from Sibiu, "All My Sons" by Arthrur Miller at National Theater from Bucharest and "La Boheme" and National Opera from Bucharest.