Friday, September 26, 2008

New book

I'm kind of slow on the Deaf Sentence novel I started, but meanwhile I bought a new book by Lucian Boia Occidentul O interpretare istoric (Occident - A historical explanation). It describes the history of the western Europe civilization proposing a theory for the reasons why it became so successful and dominant in today's world.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The black hole in their heads

So the new Cern collider will aim recreate conditions from the times closed to Big Bang and possibly even black holes and that made many people worried that the end of the world might come with this experiment. The Conservator Party from Romania even sent an open letter to some European institutions to stop the experiment :) The good news is that if a black hole is indeed produced they would not even feel when they will get past its horizon (the line that once passed you cannot escape the gravity of the the black hole). So we will not see them anymore!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Green Day

Green Day (Ziua Verde) is not the rock band, but a series of events organized in various cities of Romania to encourage people recycle more, especially electrical devices. Last Saturday it was in Bucharest as a concert with some rock and ethnic bands. I liked very much the old Timpuri Noi (the best Romanian rock band from my high-school years) and Zdob si Zdub which I saw live for the first time. As for recycling, I hope they open many more recycling corners, so I don't have to go half of Bucharest to recycle a light bulb (I already recycle plastic bottles and paper at the containers next to my house). The best moment of the evening was when they were showing samples of electrical devices brought by people for recycling and they showed a HC85 computer! :) I guess I have my HC91 computer somewhere in Constanta, I should proudly dispose of it at a recycling corner for the sake of the planet.