Saturday, December 19, 2009

The missing link

In a top of scientific discoveries of 2009 the discovery of a human-like fossil was name the science breakthrough of the year. This is a long debate and one of the arguments of non-believers in the theory of evolution: the fact that there are no species between monkeys and humans and the gap between them is too big to be explained by evolution. The scientists were looking for years for this type of fossil and it seems the finally found it: a creature that looks like a monkey but has some characteristics that indicates a biped walking. Unfortunately the evidence of talking cannot be seen in a fossil, so we will still debate for some time about where do we come from.

New book: Super-freakonomics

I just finish reading a new book, Super-freakonomics. It is written by an economist who deviates from the mainstream themes of economics and applies the "economic method" to various other domains from prostitutes to terrorists. In fact this is a sequel, in the first book he was also writing about drug dealers. There is also a chapter about global warming and geo-engineering as a possible solution. Overall it's a very good read and no, there are no formulas and equations in this book :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

And the winner is...

Costi Rogozanu.
Out of the blogs I read during the presidential election campaign I consider the one of Costi the most objective (detached from either contending part) and with good humor.

Other contenders:
Teodor Tita
Alin Fumurescu

I hope that more and more people will practice critical thinking relative to what happens in our society. And maybe this type of ideas will rule one day.