Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chat right from GMail

Google is about to introduce a new feature to GMail. You would be able to chat with somebody right from your GMail account if you see her online. This report says this is more of an attempt to attract more users towards GTalk (the IM service offered by Google). But I don't think it's necessarily this. I think it's primarily a GMail feature which will add value to the email service. I actaully sugested this chat capability a couple of months ago in the feedback form they have on the help page. We have the technology to connect to am IM network from a browser window: AJAX, not the old Java applet way. Check this cool site that lets you chat in many IM networks from your browser; it's very handy when you are on a machine which doesn't have your preferred IM client installed. So Google just added a natural feature to their service. Enjoy!
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