Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music and commercials

Commercial always try to draw your attention, to make you remember them and it's often the music from a commercial that accomplishes that. Sometimes the song is so good, that it can reach the radio's play-lists. This is what happened with Supergirl from Reamon in 2004 after a commercial for Connex (Vodafone). Or it can become a ring tone on my mobile like Brother Lee from this commercial for ClickNet:

Or it can lead you to discover a new artist like Koop (Coca Cola) or Paloma Faith (Orange):

I can't wait to turn on the TV and watch some more commercials, you never know what new song will hit me... :)


Volunteer's Princess said...

If only there weren't the same freaking commercials over and over and over and over .. and over

mic said...

Fumoase melodii, da!

E o reclama noua cu un catel, tot la orange si are pe fundal melodia Mika, "Good gone girl" - poate mergem la concert:

Si sa nu uitam reclama la "Catena,farmacia inimilor noastre" :)).