Saturday, May 16, 2009

More theatre plays...

The end of theater season is approaching fast, but I'm not sleeping in my shoes, so here are the latest plays I've seen:
- The Egoist - National Theater Bucharest - 15th of April 2009
- The Death of a Salesman - Bulandra Theater - 30th of April 2009

"The Egoist" features Radu Beligan and as you guessed is about an egoist, which is not that a bad person in the end. The play explores the fine line between satisfying your needs and helping others with their needs. If you can do something for somebody else and you're not doing it, you are considered a bad guy, but sometimes nobody asks what your needs are.

"The Death of a Salesman" is one of my favorite plays (thanks to my high school friends who made me read it in the 12th grade when we studied a fragment of this play in the English class). And this interpretation is really impressive, Victor Rebengiuc actually won the best actor award at Uniter 2009 for this role.
The distorted perspective of life of Willy Loman and the never ending search of what to do with his life of Biff which conflicts with his father's vision of success is striking right into my heart yet another time...
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